Nzingha Robertson is an online radio personality on the Social Justice Network where I host 20/20 Vision for the Next Generation and Outside/Inside: How Incarceration Impacts Families. Presently she serves as the Resident Poet for Operation Power, a Grassroots Organization and “What’s Happening,” a Blog Talk Radio show for Political Prisoners where I recite poetry during their zoom meetings and public events. The poetry I recite allows me to openly express my concern and passion for some of the social justice issues occurring across the nation and throughout the world.  

A member of African Graves Matter located in Brooklyn, New York since June 2021. As one of the core members of African Graves Matter Ms. Robertson organizes social and cultural events to educate members of the community and beyond about the site of the African Burial Ground. As an playwright and author of a play titled, “I Am Not Your Mother. As a former high school Assistant Principal, Nzingha prides herself on teaching and education. Her ultimate goal in life is to work towards uplifting those members in our society that often goes unrecognized, but if given the opportunity, can make an indelible imprint on the fabric of society.

Nzingha Robertson 
Director of Direct Services
Social Justice Network, Inc.
Work: (917)-213-4090 

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