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Our mission is clear: to shine a light on criminal and social justice issues from the grassroots to the national level. We're dedicated to challenging the status quo that leans heavily on punishment and incarceration, particularly in the face of social and economic disparities.

As a vibrant hub, our broadcast invites a rich exchange of ideas and insights, delving into critical topics like race, class, gender, and culture. We're not just about highlighting problems; we're about fostering solutions, discussing progressive approaches in sentencing, drug policy, de-incarceration strategies, and impactful pre and post-release programs.

Through education and dialogue, we aim to humanize these issues and drive real, lasting change. Join the Social Justice Network Broadcast in our journey to transform the landscape of justice and equality.

The Social Justice Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to equity and justice, harnesses the power of media to spotlight crucial social and criminal justice issues in New York City. Our focus is to elevate the stories and perspectives of those often overlooked in mainstream media, particularly marginalized communities impacted by the criminal legal system.

Faced with rising challenges like police brutality, wrongful convictions, and mass incarceration, our podcast series provides an essential platform. Here, voices of the justice-impacted community, including those formerly incarcerated, their families, activists, legal experts, and social justice advocates, come together to share experiences and insights.

Our aim is to offer comprehensive, in-depth coverage of these critical issues, fostering public awareness, understanding, and engagement. Through these dialogues, we seek to inspire action and advocate for systemic change.

We invite you to join us in this vital endeavor. Support the Social Justice Network's podcast series to amplify voices, enlighten communities, and work towards a more equitable New York City.

Host, Professor Terrence Coffie 

Hosts, Minerva "Mimi" Coffie and Dorian Bess 

Host, Claudette Robertson 

It’s Coffie Time with Professor Coffie

Sisters In ProgresS





Join Terrence Coffie, founder of the Social Justice Network and host of 'It’s Coffie Time', for a deep dive into the heart of America's criminal justice reform.

This podcast brings you to the forefront of social and political issues, from local initiatives to federal policies. Terrence's unique insights, shaped by his own journey and his commitment to reform, add a personal touch to each episode.

Together, we'll explore the complexities of justice in America, engage with experts, and uncover pathways to meaningful change. 'It’s Coffie Time' is more than a podcast; it's a movement towards a fairer, more equitable justice system, and you're invited to be a part of this transformative conversation.

Dive into 'Sisters In Progress', hosted by Minerva "Mimi" Coffie and Dorian Bess, key figures at the Social Justice Network.

This insightful podcast takes you into the heart of issues facing women in the criminal justice system. As Co-Founder and Board Chairman, Minerva, alongside Dorian, the Program Development & Engagement Officer, bring their unique perspectives and expert insights.

Together, they unpack systemic prejudices and explore the discriminatory practices against women within the legal system. Join us for engaging discussions, empowering narratives, and a journey towards understanding and reform. 'Sisters In Progress' isn't just a podcast; it's a movement for change and equality.

Join Claudette Robertson on 'Outside/Inside', a podcast that casts a revealing light on the indirect impact of the War on Drugs on families and communities.

Claudette guides listeners through a thought-provoking exploration of how policies and laws have implicitly criminalized entire communities, extending far beyond the individuals directly involved.

'Outside/Inside' offers a unique perspective, shedding light on the often-unseen consequences of the War on Drugs, and fostering a deeper understanding of the societal and familial ripples caused by these policies. Tune in for insightful discussions, personal stories, and a critical examination of the need for reform in drug policy and criminal justice.

Join us in our pursuit of a more equitable and just society through engaging and meaningful conversations. Through interviews with activists, practitioners, experts, and journalists, you'll gain a deeper understanding of mass incarceration and the pathways to reform.

Our platform features a dynamic mix of commentary, policy analysis, and actionable insights on pivotal issues in criminal, social, and racial reform in America. Whether you're new to the subject or a seasoned expert, our podcast has something for everyone.

Presented from the vantage point of those who have experienced incarceration and stakeholders in criminal justice reform, the SJN Broadcast is your gateway to learning and engaging in the conversation about justice reform in America, now available on Spotify, IHeartRadio, and Apple Podcasts."

Listen to the latest episode of 'It’s Coffie Time' on the Social Justice Network Broadcast, where we delve into the heart of America's criminal justice reform. From local to federal levels, this episode offers insightful commentary and actionable solutions for pressing issues in criminal, social, and racial justice.

Hear perspectives that matter, straight from those who've experienced incarceration and are now leading the charge in reform efforts. Join us in this critical conversation to amplify the voices that are often unheard and bring about transformative change in our justice system.



Voices for Justice: Amplifying Untold Stories in NYC's Criminal Justice Landscape

 “Those Closest to the Problem, are also Those Closest to the Solution.”
 - Glenn Martin

Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges:
The Social Justice Network Broadcast stands at the forefront of redefining justice.

Welcome to the Social Justice Network Broadcast, where we amplify voices that have long been sidelined in critical societal dialogues.

As a leading platform in the criminal justice space, we bring you an unparalleled blend of podcasts and talk shows, diving deep into the heart of America's most pressing criminal, social, and racial issues.

Our content is curated with a unique twist: it's delivered through the insightful lenses of those who've experienced incarceration firsthand, along with influential figures in criminal justice, public policy, legislative reform, and activism.

Join us in our mission to enlighten, empower, and advocate for meaningful reform. Tune in, engage, and be a part of the movement shaping a just and equitable future.