Juan or John Molina, MPA, HPAM Is an Afro-Latino who was directly impacted by the societal and systemic pressures which feed the criminal legal system. John’s extensive work experience is buttressed by a formal education. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration (BS, HSA) at Lehman College and went into NYU's Wagner School of Public Service for a Master of Public Administration (MPA) with a specialization in policy and management (HPAM). In the social justice arena, his executive level expertise includes creating a strategic 5-year plan for growth, organizational and program evaluation, SWOT analysis, facilitating board meetings and conceptualizing organizational strategies to build multiple streams of income. John is also adept at leveraging political and social capital to secure discretionary funding grants and authored many winning grant proposals. For over a decade, John’s tightly held beliefs in redemption and access to education have kept him tethered to the reentry community. Initially, John is also a founding member of the Social Justice Network (SJN) and an active member of ALPFA, the Association of Latino Professionals for America.

John Molina, MPA, HPAM 
Chief Operating Officer- 
Social Justice Network, Inc.
Email: jmolina@sjnus.org
Cell: (347)-498-4072